The Kelley Blue Book® Price Advisor

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4 Insights into the Science + Art behind the Kelley Blue Book® Price Advisor

Why Are Prices Different?

Ever notice pricing can be different in different locations at different times of the year? These difference may be due to demand in a particular region, certain vehicle options or color preferences and a host of other aggregated data points all of which are considered in the Kelley Blue Book® Price Advisor.

What Factors into Valuation?

Discover the real strength behind the Kelley Blue Book balanced approach of art and science using qualitative and quantitative automotive industry and field analysts.

Tips to Value Your Trade-In

Valuating your car can be a challenge. We’ll help you understand the factors that go into setting realistic expectations to help make your Trade-In experience a smooth one.

90 Years of Helping Car Buyers Find Values

A trusted name for over 90 years, Kelley Blue Book sets that standard as a fair, third party resource – all to help car buyers get the best value from their vehicles.