Make valuation decisions with confidence

Kelley Blue Book provides dealers vehicle values that are consistent and predictive of current market conditions. Powered by nearly 90 years of providing vehicle valuations to consumers, we've channeled our unparalleled abilities for evaluating market data into one of the industry's most relevant resources for Canadian dealers. As a result, Kelley Blue Book can help your dealership make valuation decisions with confidence.

  • Relevant


    Our values reflect current Transactions & Macroeconomic data to reflect retail and wholesale trends.

    We leverage massive amounts of data to account for local market conditions and seasonal trends.

  • Transparent estimating


    Kelley Blue Book understands the importance of providing pricing that is geographically relevant to dealers. In order to better meet the needs of the industry, we produce values based on geographic regions across the country.

    Each region is analyzed to reflect local pricing and local economic conditions.

  • Leveraging Kelley Blue Book


    We analyze decades of transactions to identify, understand, and account for patterns.

    Our values reflect both wholesale and retail transactions to provide a 360-degree view of the market.


MarketLens delivers used-car Kelley Blue Book® Values in one environment. Simply define the vehicle by VIN or year/make/model and get instant access to industry-relevant values for your business. Learn more

Pricing Service

Pricing Service allows you to easily integrate Kelley Blue Book Values into your website, mobile app, inventory management system, or loan origination platform, allowing for a customized experience. Learn more

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