Instant Cash Offer

Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer builds your used-vehicle inventory

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The Kelley Blue Book®Instant Cash Offer is now available to Canadian dealers.

Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer generates offers for consumer vehicles that can be redeemed at your dealership.

How does Instant Cash Offer work?

The Instant Cash Offer tool can be integrated on your dealership website.

Transaction-ready customers enter their vehicle’s VIN, and answer questions about the vehicle features and condition.

Customers get an Instant Cash Offer, that’s good for seven days.

The customer comes in, you verify the information about the vehicle, redeem the offer, and the customer sells the vehicle or applies it to a new or used vehicle.

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Key Benefits

Lower acquisition costs and more inventory.

Easily generate an offer or manage all incoming offers from the dealer administration tool directly through your dealership dashboard.

Track your vehicles, manage your walk-ins, and track your offers through the online Dealer tool.

A better consumer experience by removing the friction of the amount with a Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer.

Convenient for You and Your Customer

Customers come straight to you

Track your offers and vehicles

You can keep the vehicle or sell it to Manheim

Eliminate on-site price negotiations

Consumer Friendly Online Tool

Be among the first in Canada to offer Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer

We are here to help make Instant Cash Offer work for you.


Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer is an online inventory and trade-in offer solution that allows your dealership to acquire the inventory you need directly from transaction-ready consumers, lowering your acquisition costs and improving your bottom line.

Car owners fill out a detailed description of the vehicle they’d like to sell or trade on your dealership website, or KBB.CA (coming soon…)

Yes. Instant Cash Offer Participating Dealers will need to enroll to a monthly subscription offer.

We provide upfront, personalized training for your staff, so your entire team gets started right.

Our interactive video training program offers everything you need to onboard new staff members and refresh best practices to ensure your team provide a best-in-class trade-in experience.

No, there are no additional set-up fees.

All dealers receive a dedicated performance manager, an experienced retail automotive expert who will help guide your team to maximize success with Instant Cash Offer.

Marketing support includes providing and implementing banner assets on your websites which can be placed on the homepage, inventory page where the consumers are shopping for their next car and looking to Trade-in.